Halcyon Jarrett
b 30/08/85
Halcyon is a primarily self-taught artist from Salisbury in the UK. Working in oils charcoal and graphite He attempts to capture the surreal, the dreamlike, the magical. 
"I've been inspired by almost every art movement at one point or another, and over time a sort of concentrated, distilled set of ideals have managed to pass through screen after screen as I have gone from phase to phase and come to rest leaving me with the rules I like to work with now. The final ideals or rules which I hold dear in my paintings and drawings, those which I endeavor to bring across to the viewer, are an emotional reaction caused by a pleasing or vivid composition to grab and keep  attention, and an interaction or story of sorts between individuals or forms, usually carrying a clear emotion readable by the viewer straight away.
I don't see the point in just having a picture for the sake of it, for me it has to be more, to mean more. I want my paintings to be talismans of a sort, to contain an energy and vitality which people can feed off. There is a genuine power in images which both advertising executives, governments and other groups worldwide understand which is akin to a magic of sorts, in that it can influence individuals and even the human species as a whole. You may look at an image and brush it off, but it has pierced into your consciousness, just like music and the written word. Maybe the image inspires strength, or brings melancholy, the characters and drama within living on in your heart and mind, making you think a little differently than before." 
My work has been featured in the netflix series "nightflyers" 
I am available for commissions, both private and commercial, I will undertake illustration work and private painting requests.
mobile 07715799667